UPDATE: (7:34 AM PST) Ah, casting rumors - all too often, they turn out to be just that. Anton Yelchin, one of the stars of Terminator Salvation, has just denied the rumor that he was cast in the lead role of Green Lantern. Yelchin spoke to SCI FI Wire about the rumor while at Wonder-Con in San Francisco, CA.

"I had no idea about that," Yelchin said while discussing Terminator Salvation, where he plays the role of a young Kyle Reese. Bryce Dallas Howard chimed in, "He's like, where do these come from?"

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"I have no clue," Yelchin continued. "I have no idea. I think I'm probably too young. I mean, no ones approached me, no one's said anything to me. So I imagine I'm just too young. I mean, it's a great character but i don't know anything about it. ... I haven't heard anything about it."

While we may not see Yelchin putting on Green Lantern's power ring, science fiction fans will see plenty of the young actor, both in Terminator Salvation, which opens May 21, and when he takes on the role of Chekov in JJ Abram's Star Trek, opening May 8, 2009.

Apparently the role has already been considered and rejected for nearly every male actor under thirty in Hollywood, with Ryan Gosling and Emile Hirsch both passing on the part.

Yelchin seems a little young to be taking on the part of Hal Jordan, who even before he becomes a superhero is already a seasoned test pilot, but he could certainly endear himself to sci-fic/action film fans depending on how well he does in Terminator Salvation and Star Trek.