The Antrum trailer is here to scare you away from "the deadliest film ever made." There are quite a few horror movies that have gained notoriety for their abhorrent imagery (Faces of Death, Cannibal Holocaust) or movies that were as scary to film as they are to watch (The Exorcist), but few have ever been accused of actually being cursed to the point that they have led to deaths and violence in the real world. Such is the case with Antrum, which had more or less been lost to time, until now.

Else Films managed to get their hands on a copy of Antrum in late 2014 via an online auction which, in itself, is shrouded in mystery. The official site states that the movie was shot sometime in the late 1970s in California. It's said to center on a pair of siblings who wander into the woods to mourn the loss of a recently deceased pet, only to discover an actual Hell on Earth. Beyond that, little information about the movie is available online and that's because it has a very troubled history.

As the trailer explains, a theater in Budapest that showed the movie in 1988 burned to the ground, resulting in the deaths of 56 people. Additionally, several festival programmers who intended to show Antrum mysteriously died and there was a very violent riot in San Francisco following an effort to revive the allegedly cursed horror movie. As one of the interviewees states in the trailer, "It's the holy grail of underground cult films the no one has seen." The trailer, as well as the movie's official website, comes with this warning to anyone who intends to view the content.

"Warning: Be advised some images and material on this website are believed to be cursed. While the notion of a curse may be debated, this content has a history of triggering emotional duress and provoking physical or psychological danger. By entering this site you agree that you are releasing Else Films of all liability associated with any event following your viewing. it is recommended not to view this content alone."

The trailer itself doesn't showcase very much footage from Antrum, but we get glimpses of the supposedly evil and deadly work of cinema. The movie, which is now billed as Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made, is set to screen at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, for those brave souls who are willing to watch it. The unaltered 35mm print will be screened following a new 15-minute documentary about the movie's history, which was put together by filmmakers Michael Laicini and David Amito.

Since the history behind Antrum is so mysterious, it may be tough to release the movie online or on physical media, but those attending the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, which kicks off this week, will have the chance to see it. Feel free to check out the trailer for Antrum from the Else Films YouTube channel, if you dare.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott