AOL is giving downloading movies a shot in the arm and beat iTunes in the process.

In a story from Variety, they announced that they are going to offer films from "Universal, Fox and the home video units of Sony and Warner Bros. for paid download on its recently launched AOL Video portal."

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Depending on how old and popular the film is, it will sell for either $9.99, $14.99 or $19.99. Usually titles will be available during their regular home video window, but that could change for certain films which studios want to bring out sooner.

AOL would love to offer films from Disney but with Steve Jobs on it's board of directors, it would seem that that studio might have more to gain focusing on iTunes.

Some of the titles AOL will begin offering are Inside Man and Spider-Man 2.

The net conglomerate also scored a coup on the TV side. AOL struck a deals with Fox and Sony to offer more television content.

Shows such as Prison Break, 24 (both from Fox) and Starsky and Hutch (Sony), will become available for download via AOL's Video Portal.