Movie Picture{0}: Are people playing a game? Who can sue a studio for the most money? Seems hundreds of people that played extras in the recent {1} are filing a class action suite against Fox Entertainment for emotional distress. The extras claim they were exposed to around 80,000lbs of Fuller's Earth powder, containing - they say - a lung irritant and known carcinogen called crystalline silica during a shoot in a desert outside LA that lasted almost two weeks. In addition to damages, they also want any profits from the film.

(Source: The Guardian)

Charlie's Angels 2: In a recent article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, Jamie Foxx said he's in the running for the new Bosley in the upcoming Charlie's Angels sequel. Actually, as is son. Seems he's the product of "a hot little night back in the 'hood." He'd be replacing Bill Murray, who didn't want to return for the sequel because he didn't get along with the filmmakers.

(Source: Las Vegas Review Journal)

And now for the only reason we geeks watch the Superbowl: the movie trailers! The Comics2Film website has posted the spots for Spider-Man, Blade 2, and both Men in Black 2 teasers (#1 & #2), while has posted the trailer for XXX (in both Hi-Rez and Low-Rez.) ~Brian