Everything you will see in director Gonzalo López-Gallego's upcoming thriller Apollo 18 is one hundred percent true. This authentic and re-edited found footage from a December 1973 moon mission has long been the subject of a major cover-up by the US Department of Defense. Two American astronauts were sent on a secret fact finding assignment, and what they discovered was so shocking and disturbing, no other human has stepped foot on the moon since.

The recently discovered video from this 'lost' trip into outer space was procured by producer Timur Bekmambetov and the Weinstein Company, as they felt it was in our best interest to release this footage, no matter how it might change the way we view the world, our ideas about God, and our very own existence as a human race here on planet earth.

Wanting to know more about Apollo 18 and its origins, we started messing around with the passwords on the movie's secret viral site Apollo18Movie.net/Cosmonauts. Back in /apollo-18-is-real-says-bob-weinstein/February, several redacted top-secret documents had been discovered with the use of a hidden password. From this, we knew that "lunokhod", "apollosoyuz", and "vbg" had been used to obtain certain revealing items. All of these words were found within the documents themselves.

Bored this morning, I started taking various words from the previous documents and entering them into the system just to see if I would hit on anything new. About to give up, I typed in "surveillance", which is found in the most recent Syncom Teletype Message about the instillation of fiber optic cameras aboard Apollo 18. Guess what, we unknowingly unlocked another document, this one from The Joint Chiefs of Staff Office in Washington D.C.

Below, you will find this discovered and obscured report that further authenticates what may be one of the most profound and disturbing revelations of this decade. It is a Vital Intelligence Sighting, which was sent to intelligence and national security. Basically, it is claiming proof of intelligent life outside of our atmosphere. It further reveals that this 'proof' was captured on 70mm and 16mm film, as well as other recording equipment. Is this the footage we'll be seeing in Apollo 18? Proceed with caution.

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange