It's great to be numero uno but that also puts a big target on your back.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, they report that Apple could be facing "a potential class action suit in U.S. courts over the iPod/iTunes proprietary closed-environment."

This suit actually stems from July. Apparently, "California resident Melanie Tucker filed the complaint seeking class action status and charging Apple with 'unlawful acquisition or maintenance of monopoly power' because music and videos purchased on iTunes are only compatible with the company's iPod. Tucker is seeking unspecified damages."

In November, Apple tried to "dismiss the complaint and on Dec. 20, that motion was denied."

This isn't the first time Apple has run into this problem. The previous Spring, "Apples iTunes came under scrutiny of the French government for the same issue. There is a bill pending in the country that would make Apple's closed-use environment illegal and require the company to allow its system to work with competing players and downloading services."