The downloading movement got a boost with the recent release of Apple TV.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, this new device that allows people to "store up to 50 hours of video in a 40GB hard drive, and can connect wirelessly with a Mac or PC to port video and music tracks downloaded from iTunes to the TV set, as well as user-uploaded photos and videos," is being seen as an antidote for those who have a problem with the iPod's tiny screen.

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In addition to this, Apple TV also offers video at 1080i which is levels above what has been previously offered in the standard DVD format.

The device is available from Apple's website for $299 as well as other places on the internet like and Amazon.

While there are no numbers as of yet, this move by Apple in releasing Apple TV is seen as pushing the move toward downloading movies (instead of buying or watching them on DVD) a great deal further. In fact, while downloading films for most consumers seems like it's only a matter of time, Apple TV looks like it will offer a good gauge of just how comfortable people are with this process and the recent influx of new technologies.