Kids normally get to have all of the fun on Halloween. They get to go trick-or-treating and get free candy from strangers as the adults sit back and reminisce about their own childhoods. However, Applebee's is ready to star rewarding the parents in this situation and they're doing it all month long. For $1, adults over the age of 21 can purchase the "Vampire" drink, which also includes a set of vampire teeth, completely free of charge. A couple of these will have you acting like a child in no time and then forgetting all about it.

"The $1 Vampire is a freaky tiki drink served with a side of fangs," said Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee's. "Seriously, where else can you buy a delicious cocktail and walk away with a Halloween costume for only a buck?" And he's probably right. A quick buzz and some fangs for $1 is a pretty great deal. Served in a 10-ounce mug, the $1 Vampire is bloody delicious with a mix of rum, strawberry, dragon fruit, passion fruit and a dash of pineapple. In addition to the fangs drink comes with a cherry on top.

The official Applebee's site doesn't say one drink per person, so patrons may be able to get as many as they want, which could get pretty dangerous. As usual, patrons are warned that alcohol can be damaging to your health and says to drink responsibly. How is one to drink responsibly when the Vampire only costs $1? Whatever the case may be, Applebee's is ready for every night of the week of October to be Halloween, complete with customers turning from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hide after only a few Vampires.

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It's not clear if Applebee's will be running their Kids Eat Free night on Halloween, but they have been known to do that in the past, at least in certain locations around North America. Children ages 12 and under were able to choose any entree on the Applebee's Kids' Menu (chicken tenders, chicken grillers, macaroni and cheese, corn dog, grilled cheese, mini cheeseburger and more) accompanied by their choice of a side dish and soft drink or juice. Pair this with the $1 Vampire and it's a very cheap family night out.

Now that October is finally here, it will be interesting to see what other restaurants decide to do for Halloween. Burger King is likely to come up with something good and terrifying for Halloween. Last year was the terrifying black bun, which in addition to looking super weird, gave patrons some scary after effects after digestion had occurred. Luckily nobody was harmed except for the fact that they were consuming a ton of sodium, sugar, fat, and cholesterol. If you dare, head to your local Applebee's tonight and enjoy one or two of their "freaky tiki" $1 Vampire cocktails. The official Applebee's site was the first to announce their Halloween special.

Applebee's Vampire Cocktail
Applebee's One Dollar Vampire Cocktails
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Kevin Burwick