April Matson who portrays Lori Trager on the show talks about the new season

April Matson stars as Lori Trager on the hit ABC Family Channel show Kyle XY. The second season just got under way, and recently I was fortunate enough to be on a conference call with the young star. Here's what she had to say.

It seemed like there's kind of a pretty big change with Lori, and she kind of became mean with, I guess, going after Jessie for revenge, and just some of the things that she was doing. I just kind of wonder if you could talk about that and maybe if we're going to get back to the Lori that we all love.

April Matson: That's so interesting because I never really thought about it that way of Lori got mean. I mean she definitely got angry. I agree with you. The thing I love about Lori is that she sort of has a way of being bigger than everything else and being right and moving on and bucking up. That was definitely a lot of episodes of being really angry and going through everything. But definitely in the second part of the season, what you're about to see starting on January 14th, she sort of makes peace with everything, and she does sort of - I don't know. She does definitely work it out and gets back to her sort of... moving on, songwriting again, more drama with Declan and just she lets go of all that anger, so definitely I think we'll get back to the Lori that we all love. It's so funny. I didn't realize how much that came off as - how different that was for the character. But I don't think she was mean, though, but I guess very, very angry and bitter about everything going on, so it will change.

Is there a love interest planned for the future of Lori or maybe a reunion with Declan?

April Matson: There's kind of a little bit of both. There's definitely a new guy in the picture that is a possibility. His name is Mark, and he's played by Josh Zuckerman, who is such a breath of fresh air. He is so fun to work with and so good on the show. I think everyone is going to love his character. We have a really great chemistry together, so you can look forward to that. Just everything about it is very funny, the way that we meet and sort of how we become close. There's definitely that potentially happening, and hopefully when we go up to shoot season three, I believe he's still going to be around, so he might be sort of a future cast member.

There is definitely some back and forth with Declan as well that becomes a possibility. Declan and Lori sort of talk about it and are sort of exploring that road again. I don't want to give away what ends up happening, but at the end of ... Lori ... does what she does best for herself. I have to say that is one of the things that I love about her the most is that she loves Declan, but she loves herself more, and she sort of just does what she needs to do. She really makes the choice that's best for herself, and I love that young girls that are watching the show get that, because in my life at 26, and being in the dating world and having to make decisions about guys and some guys that might have some kind of hold over you. I just love that she's not desperate and she knows that she doesn't need someone else to make her happy. I don't know. I just think it's really mature of her because I feel like, as like someone who is almost a decade older ... learning that right now. I'm learning that from her.

Anyway, I went off a little bit, but the point is there's some ... and Declan steps up. He's deinitely charming and America is falling in love with him. Any time Lori doesn't sort of go back to him, I think is always going to be disappointing, because he really is so, so charming in the last half of the season.

I just wanted to know if you've seen any of the upcoming episodes and which one was your favorite to film and why and which one was your favorite to watch?

April Matson: I haven't actually seen any of the final cuts of the upcoming ones, I don't think. But to film would probably be the last episode, the season finale, because even though it was such a pain, it was a prom episode, and so there was, like, I had to camera test eight prom dresses and there was all this back and forth about what Lori should wear to the prom. I don't know why for some reason it was more of a project for me than anyone else. But even some of the other girls, they had dresses made and some of them were ... I mean it was like such a disaster. It was pouring rain and we had to keep going in and out of this gym of this high school, so there was mud everywhere. We're all dressed up, so from my trailer to the thing, they had to practically wrap me up in saran wrap just to keep me dry. So it was difficult to shoot, and we all sort of hated it, but it was so fun because it was our last episode to shoot. It was like eight or nine months of shooting, and all the guys are in their tuxes and the girls are all dressed up. There were tons of extras, and it was really complicated shots.

But we were just sort of all dressed up and, in between shots, celebrating such a great season, so that was probably definitely my favorite, even though I hated it while we were doing it. There were so many complicated. It was some of my best memories were shooting that because we just had so much fun celebrating the whole season and all the work that we had done and how far we'd come, and taking pictures to remember the season. It felt like prom. It was weird. It felt like we were graduating or something.

To watch, I don't know. I don't know because I haven't seen any of them. But definitely the first couple back, like 14 and 15, like the first couple, there's a lot of cool stuff that happens, so I do remember that being really exciting. Fourteen and fifteen are really exciting.

I read that your latest movie or latest movie you worked on is called Black Russian, and I was wondering you could tell us a little more about it and what part you play.

April Matson: This is actually really, really a fun one. I think it's coming out soon. Some friends of mine wrote it based on a series of improvs that they had done in class at the Andrew Benne Studio. There was an improv they had done. Brandon Benne is so brilliant. Part of his class is he'll give you an improv and he'll sort of give both actors some private information and then some common information, and just the scene will go. Sometimes you can shoot it. It's like a short film. These actors always rise to the occasion. There was this one improv that these two or three guys had done, and it was so good, everything that came out of it. It was just actors being creative and just rising to the occasion. So they ended up doing a follow-up improv. It was like, okay, now this happens. And they ended up writing a script from it.

It's really good. All the actors in it are so good. The trailer even, I've seen the trailer. The trailer I don't even think does it justice. It's very good. It's dark and everything, but it's funny too, and the relationships are really complicated. Nick Anderson, who is the author of The Black Russian, gets involved in all of this sort of underground gangster type stuff, and I play the babysitter that he's having an affair with, but I'm also blackmailing him and in love with him. That was really interesting because I got to play a young ... thing, and he and I are actually really, really good friends. And we had to do this crazy make-out scene, and it was so awkward because he's like a father to me or an uncle or something, so we had to really, really get past a lot of things to shoot this sort of sexy make-out thing. But it ended up turning out really, really good. I haven't seen the whole thing, but I've seen cuts of it, like parts of it. It's a really interesting film. I'm really excited to see it all together.

Now that Lori knows the truth about Kyle, can we expect to see some changes in their relationship, how she feels about him, etc.?

April Matson: I have to say, I feel like it's pretty consistent. I feel like everything remains mostly as it was between Kyle and Lori. They have the same brother/sister bond where they give each other advice and help each other out. He's very consoling, wise, and they still have that same sort of connection. Some of my favorite scenes to shoot are the ones with Kyle and Lori on Lori's bed talking about whatever drama is going on in her life or what is he going to do about Amanda and all that. I feel like, even after everything that happens, they have a pretty consistent bond, and once she decided to love him and let him in the family, he is her brother, and she just sticks by him. If anything, they probably get closer because there's not this weird mystery. There's not this, why are you hiding, and why are you going after Jessie? She feels very betrayed, but I feel like once everything is revealed, that definitely helps them to get closer.

In the second half of the season, are we going to get back to more of a sci-fi plot? Now that the secret is out, is it going to kind of concentrate more on the family and drama side of things, or can you give us any feel as to where we're going?

April Matson: It does sort of a flip-flop. It's like right when you get back, there's all this cool stuff that happens because you find out. Then all of a sudden, it's like it goes away. I'm not sure why they did that or if they wanted to take a break from it, but all of a sudden it just kind of takes a break from it. And it focuses again on the family and the relationships and Kyle's relationship with Amanda and what it is for him to be who he is and live in the world as a teenager, which I love that dynamic of the show. At first I feel like it's a lot of sci-fi stuff, and then all of a sudden it's completely the other way and you just see him living in the world and dealing with life, which I like both parts of the show. But I hope that it continues to go back and forth that way.

I guess apparently the writers strike didn't have any affect on Kyle XY. We're getting a full season, is that correct?

April Matson: We have been picked up for ten that we start shooting in March. The writer, our writers are supposed to go back to work this month. If nothing is resolved in the next few weeks, we might have to postpone, but we're definitely going to have a season three at some point, and hopefully, if everything is resolved, we'll be able to stay pretty close to our shooting schedule. We were lucky. We were on hiatus anyway. So it hasn't really affected us, but if nothing happens in the next couple of weeks, then it might postpone things a little bit. But that would probably be the worst of it for us, as far as I know.

So it will affect season three then, if it has an affect - I guess what I was asking is so all of the episodes for the second half of season two are completed?

April Matson: Yes. We finished shooting those the end of October, so anything that is about to air is done. It was definitely difficult the last couple episodes doing post production because a lot of our producers were writers, and they were like really, really dedicated to the cause. And they weren't even commenting on episodes until it was like they need to get these approved because of all the post stuff and the music, so I know that was really, really hard for a lot of our post production people. That might have affected the way that a few of them turn out, but you'll still get to see them all.

You can see April and the rest of Kyle XY Mondays on the ABC Family Channel at 8 PM ET.