Jason Momoa promises that Aquaman 2 is going to be "off the hook" in a new training video. Momoa, along with DC fans, is pretty excited to begin work on the sequel. With that being said, we're still over two years away from the movie hitting theaters. It's far too early to start talking about production, but training appears to be a big part of Momoa's pre-pre-production routine. Even though the videos are quick, it's nice to see Momoa's enthusiasm for the upcoming project.

While claiming big things for Aquaman 2, Jason Momoa also took some time to introduce his stunt team and trainer. Yoko Hamamura, owner of Point of Impact MMA, is featured in the video, along with what seems like an inside joke between the two. The second video shows off stuntmen Niko Nedyalkov, Kim Fardy, and Jeremy Marinas. Momoa and his crew are clearly all having a good time in the videos, which could be considered to be more like party training than anything else.

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Party training seems like something one might have to do to keep up with Jason Momoa, who likes to cut loose when he can when he's not collecting guitars or hanging with his friends and family. Party training may even be a part of the budget. Aquaman 2 is going to take everything that James Wan built and apparently expand it and make it even bigger. Patrick Wilson says Wan is going to great lengths to push things further after checking out some concept art. One of the many things the first installment was praised for was the underwater world that Wan and crew helped bring to life.

The underwater world is something that will have to be explored more in Aquaman 2, though it's clearly way too early to tell what will go on with the sequel. In addition to Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen is set to return and he's pretty excited after having a pretty great 2019 with The Watchmen HBO series. It is also believed that Amber Heard will be returning, though that has yet to be officially confirmed by the studio. Momoa and Heard had good chemistry on screen and one can see Mera easily coming back.

Aquaman 2 doesn't open in theaters until December 2022. Production isn't expected to start until some point in 2021, so we'll just have to wait for Jason Momoa to fill us in on the start. The actor does an excellent job of communicating with fans on social media, so he'll definitely let everybody know when the cameras start rolling, along with some fun and goofy looks behind-the-scenes. While we wait for another update, including new and returning cast members, you can check out the training videos, which were originally posted on Momoa's Instagram story, below, thanks to the Batman Can See You Twitter account.