Jason Momoa has joined his fellow cast and crew in London for the production of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and he's revealed that cameras will officially start rolling on Monday. Momoa, who has also been busy lately filming new episodes of See, posted a video to his Instagram account on Sunday to announce his presence on the Aquaman 2 set. He also told his fans to say goodbye to his brown hair for now, as Momoa says he's about to dye it blonde for the DC sequel.

"I am finally in England. It is sunny, it is amazing, and we start Aquaman 2 tomorrow," Jason Momoa says in the video. "This is the last day of the brown [hair]. I'm gonna be a blonde. [They] supposedly have more fun. I don't know about that, we'll test it out. But, I'm excited to see James [Wan] and the whole cast. And I just wanted to send my love to all my friends, cast members, and crew back at See, I will see you soon. I love you and I miss you very much, Canada."

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In the caption, Momoa added: "NE3aPd3d9aMt5a||London calling}!... so excited to start Aquaman 2, we are here! goodbye brown hello blondie! Mahalo to everyone for support on the HD Momoa line with @harleydavidson and all my love to the cast and crew of See! Love u Canada link in bio! Aloha j."

See, the other project Momoa is referring to, is a sci-fi drama series starring Momoa on Apple TV+. Also starring Alfre Woodard and Dave Bautista, the series is set to return with its second season on Aug. 27. It has already been renewed for season 3, so Momoa will be back to filming more episodes with his cast and crew of that series soon enough. An A-list actor's work is apparently never done.

As for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the upcoming DC sequel serves as a direct followup to the hit original movie that was released in 2018. James Wan returns to direct after helming the original movie using a screenplay penned by Davie Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Momoa personally contributed to the story and has been given a story credit for the sequel. Other members of the cast include Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Temuera Morrison.

Other cast members have teased the pre-production of Aquaman 2 prior to Momoa's arrival on the set. Heard arrived in London last month and posted an image of a thank you card from the filmmakers welcoming her "back to Atlantis." She has also posted photos of herself hitting the gym to stay in Mera shape. Meanwhile, Abdeen has also teased his return as Black Manta by posting a photo of himself going through the Aquaman 2 script in June.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to be released in theaters on Dec. 16, 2022. As for The Trench, the planned horror-centric spinoff about the monsters Arther and Mera faced in the first movie, that project has since been shelved by Warner Bros. So as long as The Lost Kingdom does just as well as Aquaman, however, we'll more than likely see Momoa back for more adventures ni the role. This news comes to us from Jason Momoa on Instagram.