Johnny Depp allegedly tried to have ex-wife Amber Heard fired from Aquaman. The actor is currently in a legal battle with his former lawyer Jake Bloom and the depositions are leading to more witnesses, including Heard and former Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, called to the stand. Depp has been in legal battles a lot over the past 10+ years and is now seen as a controversial figure in the entertainment industry. The decision to cast Depp in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came with a lot of backlash as more information about the divorce came to light.

Amber Heard stars as Mera alongside Jason Momoa in last year's box office smash Aquaman. However, Johnny Depp reportedly did not want that to happen. Sources familiar with the latest deposition requests say former Warner Bros. boss Kevin Tsujihara will be "asked to testify under oath about whether or not he played a role in 'blacklisting' Heard at Warner Bros." Depp apparently did not want his ex-wife to get any work from Warner Bros., which included Aquaman.

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The lawsuit against Depp's former lawyer Jake Bloom states that he gave the actor bad advice during his split with Amber Heard. Johnny Depp reportedly sought the advice of a number of lawyers when deciding to settle with Heard. The actress claims Depp was physically abusive and filed for a restraining order against him at the same time. This is a separate lawsuit from the $50 million defamation lawsuit Depp filed against Heard in March. The actor states Heard made up a bunch of her stories in order to purposely hurt his career.

In response to Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit against her, Amber Heard has filed court documents that "described in graphic detail how Depp allegedly beat and choked her during alcohol and drug-fueled binges, leaving scars on her body that remain." The decision to file lawsuits against his former lawyer and ex-wife at the same time does not seem like a wise decision for the actor and one has to wonder if he will try and sue his current lawyer when the dust settles. Allegations of domestic violence are horrible enough as it is, but finding out he tried to allegedly get Heard fired from Aquaman isn't going to go over very well.

It seems Johnny Depp's latest legal battles are going to bring a lot more attention to his domestic violence allegations. While getting Amber Heard fired from Aquaman would have been pretty tough to do (Heard was cast by Zack Snyder for the Mera role in Justice League), the actress alleges she missed out on several other roles after the divorce. Whatever the case may be, Depp has seemingly put himself back in legal and professional trouble. If things keep going the way they are going, Depp may have to shoot his Titanic sequel all alone in his bathtub. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to reveal the Johnny Depp legal news.

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