It appears that the DCEU will be going for some comic book accuracy in the design of Black Manta's helmet in Aquaman. The trailer for the highly anticipated DC movie is expected to drop any day now and there are some brand-new photos from the production that offer the best look at the big screen adaptation of Arthur Curry's story that we've seen yet, and it all looks very promising. James Wan has been keeping footage as well as pictures from the set of Aquaman out of sight to allow the anticipation level to rise.

Entertainment Weekly features Aquaman on the cover of the magazine in their first look coverage. In addition to Black Manta, Nicole Kidman's Queen Atlanna is shown off for the first time. However, it's the first look at Black Manta and his helmet that have DC fans talking. It was once thought that he would be the main villain in Aquaman, but that title will instead go to Arthur Curry's half-brother Orm, who is played by Patrick Wilson.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays David Kane, aka Black Manta, in Aquaman and it appears that we may be getting a bit of the character's origin story in the upcoming film. While James Wan has changed Black Manta's surname from the comics, the look of the helmet is remarkably similar to the source material. The picture from EW's coverage features David Kane in a lab, looking at his iconic helmet as he's working on it. The red glowing eyes and visor are all intact and it looks as if Aquaman will keep the sinister intelligence for Black Manta as well.

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In the comics, David Kane is known as David Hyde, and he is one of the biggest villains in the Aquaman universe, which means that the upcoming movie may be setting the Black Manta character up for more roles in the DCEU, possibly even another Aquaman movie. Unlike Arthur Curry, David Kane is not part Atlantean and is merely human, which means that he has to use his superior intellect to craft technological devices to keep up. Also shown off in the new picture is what looks like a power supply for the mask that will enable it to shoot powerful blasts through the eyes.

The hype for Aquaman is starting to reach fever pitch and DC fans are anxiously awaiting the first trailer, which again, should drop any day now, especially since these new images have been officially released. Aquaman hits theaters in December and will be the only DCEU movie to be released in 2018 and the first since Justice League. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on a superhero that was once the butt of many jokes. Let's just hope that Jason Momoa's version of Arthur Curry will usher in a new era for the Aquaman character. You can check out the first image of Black Manta below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick