James Wan's Aquaman brought in an estimated $24.6 million for it's opening day in China. The DECU project is expected to bring in around $80 million for the weekend, which will easily beat Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman Chinese opening weekends. Justice League only brought in around $100 million total in the country, which the standalone Arthur Curry movie might accomplish in less than two weeks. This is excellent news for DC Films and Warner Bros. as they continue their aggressive marketing campaign in North America to prepare for its release in two weeks.

In addition to besting the rest of the DCEU in China, Aquaman has set a record for highest opening day for any title in the month of December for the country. As for North America, the movie's early box office predictions have it at around $40-$65 million, mainly due to some competition with Mary Poppins Returns and the Bumblebee movie. However, the early buzz has been positive and it's looking like those numbers may go up between now and the release date. Additionally, it's believed that Aquaman only cost $160 million to make, so it should easily make a profit during its theatrical run.

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Aquaman 2 is already being discussed, and with the new Chinese box office numbers, it might be coming closer to a reality. China has been a great place for comic book movies, with the most recent being Sony's Venom. The movie is still doing well overseas, so the studio has extended its theatrical run. As of this writing, the movie has made over $260.5 million in China alone, which is huge, considering that it has only made $212.3 million domestically. This brings the worldwide total to $845.5 million. Not bad for a movie that didn't get the best reviews upon its release.

It was recently revealed that James Wan was able to put an Annabelle Easter Egg into Aquaman, though he won't admit it just yet. The director played coy when asked about it, but if you look closely, you can spot the creepy doll at the bottom of the sea towards the beginning of the movie. Hopefully Wan will be able to throw some more of The Conjuring references into a possible Aquaman 2. The sequel has yet to be confirmed, but if the movie is able to keep its positive buzz, a sequel should be a no-brainer.

Aquaman is already out in Chinese theaters, so if you want to go in spoiler-free, now might be an excellent time to not visit certain sites or read all of the articles that have been coming out. North America still has another two weeks to go, so beware of spoilers. With that being said, Aquaman should be a pretty big hit for the DCEU, which is great after the whole Justice League debacle. The Aquaman Chinese box office numbers were first reported by Deadline.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick