Thanos and Cable actor Josh Brolin posted a thank you message to DCEU fans for the success of Aquaman. The actor did have a pretty amazing year starring in Infinity War and Deadpool 2 within months of each other, but he did not star in James Wan's recent take on Arthur Curry. However, for a while, searching for Aquaman actors on Google somehow put Brolin into the cast, replacing Jason Momoa. Someone must have tipped Brolin off to the situation because he's now trolling Momoa on social media.

Josh Brolin posted an Aquaman video on Instagram, which declares it has the number one movie in the world. China helped to give the movie a giant early boost and now that the holidays are upon us, the movie is bringing in a lot more cash at the box office. Brolin's trolling of the DCEU is pretty funny. He had this to say.

"I just want to thank all my fans for ANOTHER #1 opening this year. It's crazy! Making Aquaman was one of the most satisfying, harrowing experiences of my career and I want to thank my ohana on the film for the making the experience so epic. Aqua man has been a childhood dream for me, so to have this happen is otherworldly. Thank you all again and again."

In addition to the funny thank you note, Josh Brolin targeted Jason Momoa in his hashtags. The first one says, " I Am Aquaman Forever," while the second one comments on Momoa's physique, stating, "Born This Cut." However, the best one is saved for last where Brolin comments on the actor's hair. Brolin says, "Academy Haircut Movie Next," which isn't so much a playful dig, but a prediction that Momoa has what it takes to end up in an Academy Award nominated project in the near future.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld also got in on the fun by posting a picture of an Aquaman movie poster with Josh Brolin's face photoshopped on it. Liefeld took the time to write out a fake congratulations message to Brolin for being able to star in three huge superhero movies in one year. Obviously, the two men are just having some good natured fun. Liefeld had this to say.

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"So excited for my friend Josh Brolin who is currently celebrating the rare trifecta of depicting Thanos, Cable and now Aquaman in the same calendar year. Way to go Josh, congrats on another #1! Now onto Jonah Hex 2! Show us the way!! Such great chemistry with the fish too!"

Josh Brolin did not star in Aquaman, but he will be back as Thanos in a few months for Avengers: Endgame. Additionally, he'll be back as Cable for the X-Force movie too, but it's not clear when production is going to start on that project. While Brolin wasn't in three huge superhero movies this year, there's still time for it to happen down the line. For now, you can check out the expert level trolling below, starting with Josh Brolin's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick