Jason Momoa is being body shamed after he was spotted without his shirt on. The 39-year old Aquaman star is currently vacationing in Italy and some people on social media are declaring that he has a "dad bod." Momoa does not have the abs he was sporting as Arthur Curry on the big screen, but he is far from being out of shape and the very thought of saying he has a "dad bod" is beyond ridiculous.

"Omg, what happened to the abs?," asks one person on social media when looking at the candid shot of Jason Momoa. Another person says, "Man, Jason you got fat bro!!" The angle of the picture isn't very flattering, but even still, Momoa still looks like he could easily take down anyone for body shaming him anonymously online. Even with the angle being bad, the actor still looks better than 90% of the population and still looks chiseled. With that being said, it really isn't anyone's business if Momoa, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Gal Gadot, Mark Ruffalo, and more, don't want to put forth the effort to look like a fictional superhero 365 days a year.

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While people were dumping on Jason Momoa's "dad bod," it didn't take long for others to come and defend him. "If that's 'dad bod' then I wish I had that!," stated one fan of the Aquaman star. Another person chimed in to say, "If this is a dad bod... everyone else's must be a damn bloated corpse. This man is beautiful!" Jason Momoa's current physique could be plastered in gyms across the world as a body people want to aspire to.

Marvel Studios went in a new direction with Chris Hemsworth's Thor character in Avengers: Endgame. In the movie, the character is going through depression and he started to abuse alcohol and gained a lot of weight. While it was used as a comical device on many different levels, it was grounded in reality. However, some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans felt that the Russo Brothers were fat shaming them and the character, which clearly wasn't the case. In addition to being a symptom of depression, some believe it was also a commentary on having to keep the superhero physique. Even with the fake extra pounds, The God of Thunder was still able to kick some ass.

Captain America actor Chris Evans has talked about how hard it is to maintain the physicality of a fictional character and he is more than likely looking forward to not having to keep that up anymore. As for calling out Jason Momoa for having a "dad bod," it can pretty much be traced back to the current online climate for anybody to say whatever they want without consequence. Hopefully Momoa is chugging a beer on vacation and laughing about this while bouncing quarters off of his stomach. You can check out the picture of Jason Momoa and some garbage comments below, thanks to the US Weekly Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick