Are we going to see Jason Momoa rocking the orange and green suit from the comics in Aquaman? A new rumor suggests that very well may be the case. Ever since Momoa was cast to play the iconic DC hero, it's seemed like Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder before he ended his work on Justice League, were trying to move away from the image of Aquaman that many people have in their minds. The DCEU version is a far cry from the Super Friends version of the character that so many people are happy to poke fun at. However, the orange and green suit that is so closely associated with that classic version of Aquaman may be showing up in the movie, which arrives in theaters this December.

This should be regarded as merely a rumor for now, but the news comes from the fan site The Aquaman Shrine. According to them, someone who recently attended a Warner Bros. licensing event claims that the studio actually showed a costume that is "exactly" like the modern version from the world of DC Comics. Here's what they had to say about it.

"Orange & green for Halloween? WB licensing event attendee says the Aquaman movie costume shown is 'exactly' like the modern comics version!"

Though the modern version of Aquaman in the DC Comics universe is still much cooler than the version from decades past, he still rocks a very classic orange and green suit. It's a little tough to picture Jason Momoa wearing such a thing, given how he looked in Justice League, but Aquaman is likely going to try and set itself apart from what we've seen previously. Not only that, but an image surfaced online last summer of an action figure that depicts Momoa in a version of the more iconic suit, and it eventually made its way to stores nationwide under the Batman V Superman toylike. An updated version of the classic orange and green suit was then released for the Justice League toy line. So this isn't the first we've heard, or even seen, of this possibly happening. And you can check out those action figures below to get a sense of what this might actually look like.

However, as DC fans know, rumored suits don't always wind up in the final product. We had heard for more than a year leading up to the release of Justice League that Henry Cavill's Superman was going to be seen in his black suit from the comics. The suit never even showed up in the movie and, what's more, based on a recently released deleted scene, it looks like the suit was only going to be seen in the movie on the Kryptonian ship. Superman was never actually going to wear it. With that in mind, Aquaman fans may want to temper their expectations just a bit.

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Aquaman, which is directed by James Wan (The Conjuring, Furious 7), is the only DCEU movie making its way to theaters this year. So there's a lot of pressure to deliver. Maybe a little fan service, such as the orange and green costume from the comics, done in just the right way, wouldn't be a bad way to get off on the right foot. We'll likely have to wait until the first trailer for Aquaman arrives, at the very least, to find out if there's any truth to this rumor. You can check out the report, courtesy of The Aquaman Shrine Twitter account, for yourself below.

<strong><em>Aquaman</em></strong> classic costume action figure

<strong><em>Aquaman</em></strong> classic costume action figure #2 Justice League

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