It has never been confirmed that Jason Momoa will show up as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In recent interviews, he's made it clear that he is not involved in any action or fight scenes, and rumors suggest that he will only appear in one brief scene during the movie before showing up with the other heroes at the end as Justice League is formed. While we know little about Aquaman's place in the overall story arc, we have heard more about his costume in the last few days. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson recently went on record, calling it the most challenging of all the new superhero suits to create. Now, in a new interview, Jason Momoa gives most of the credit for creating this new King of Atlantis to director Zack Snyder and Wilkinson. He says:

"Michael [Wilkinson], the head costume designer, he created all of that. I basically just showed up and he made it happen. And It's all Zack, through his genius mind. I'm going to be in one of the biggest movies in history in a minute, playing a superhero. And I have kids so that's cool. My kids can finally see something that I'm in."

He went onto talk about the two-part Justice League movie, the first half of which arrives in 2017. It sounds like he knows about as much as we do when it comes to the plot. Apparently, the screenplay still hasn't been written. He explains:

"Justice League is quite a ways off. We don't have scripts and stuff like that. I'll bring my professionalism there. I'll bring my sense of humor. Hopefully people will like that. If they don't I'll modify it."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange