Vincent Chase and his Entourage pals react to James Wan's Aquaman in a humorous clip promoting the superhero movie. Before Jason Momoa got a crack at playing Arthur Curry on the big screen, actor Adrian Grenier's Chase character starred in the role on the hit HBO series when James Cameron directed the fictional movie. Warner Bros. and DC Films have been promoting the upcoming Aquaman movie pretty much nonstop since the first footage was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con. However, it looks like their best bit of promotional material released so far has come from HBO.

HBO released a clip of the cast of Entourage sitting down in the theater to watch the Vinny Chase version of Aquaman, only to see Jason Momoa pop up on the screen, performing some crazy stunt. Chase and his buddies are confused when they see Momoa on the big screen with the help of some clever editing. When the show was on the air, the second season revolved around the fictional Chase getting the part of the superhero, way ahead of Zack Snyder's DCEU, which was good for Arthur Curry and bad at the same time, since the cast spent a lot of that particular season poking fun at the character.

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As far as the promotion is concerned, James Wan's Aquaman really doesn't need to be promoted. The movie hits theaters this Friday in North America after generating over $260 million in China alone after two weeks in theaters. The superhero movie is expected to make $120 million in its first five days in theaters over the long holiday weekend. Aquaman already held advanced Amazon screenings where it pulled in nearly $3 million. So, there's plenty of fans who want to see Aquaman on the big screen.

Early fan reactions to Aquaman have been positive while the reviews have been mixed. Rolling Stone called the movie a "waterlogged mess," and another review called it a "visually wild and recklessly inventive." The mixed reactions to the superhero movie are to be expected, but nearly all of them praise the cast for pulling off such an amazing job. One review even goes as far to say that there isn't enough of Aquaman in the movie because Jason Momoa does such an excellent job as Arthur Curry.

Aquaman finally hits theaters on December 21st, after some initial delays. The project is the first DCEU film to be released since last year's Justice League, which did not do as well as the studio had originally hoped. The movie was a mess behind-the-scenes and it showed when it debuted in theaters. Thankfully, Jason Momoa and James Wan's take on Arthur Curry did not suffer the same fate, even though there have been some negative reviews. Even the most negative reviews of Aquaman have been far better than those of Justice League. There's only a few days left to wait, so while we're awaiting Arthur Curry's standalone debut, you can check out Vinny Chase and the cast of Entourage as they react to the movie below, thanks to the HBO Twitter account.