DC Films and Warner Bros. finally unveiled the long-awaited first trailer for Aquaman at San Diego Comic-Con last week and fans have been pretty happy with it. However, there's always room for improvement, which is why this new version of the trailer made up entirely of Super Friends footage is so welcome. The dialogue and sound effects from the trailer are left in, but instead of the CGI and usual dark tone of DC, it's all replaced with actual 1970s hand-drawn animation.

The Super Friends cartoon series ran from 1973 to 1986 and is where a lot of kids were first introduced to Aquaman, which is unfortunately where his uncool reputation comes from. For some kids, Arthur Curry riding around on a purple seahorse wasn't the coolest thing for a superhero to be doing and neither was riding two dolphins at the same time. But, when thrown into the context of the brand-new trailer with all of the dialogue and sound effects left in, the Aquaman animated version is pretty awesome.

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The new Super Friends and Aquaman trailer even features a small cameo from Wonder Woman as Arthur Curry jumps from her invisible jet. This scene in particular is definitely made 1,000 times better than the original trailer with the animation suiting the dialogue much better. Suddenly the one-liners are made much cooler as well. It's clear that this mashup trailer took a lot of time and effort to complete, syncing up dialogue from a cartoon series that is over 40 years old to a current trailer that was only released a few days ago.

This is just one of the many new treatments that the Aquaman trailer and poster have received since they were released last week. One fan decided that the trailer needed to be shortened up with the theme song from the Aquaman: The Teen Drama playing over the top of it. The result is a streamlined clip with a focus on storytelling, thanks to the soundtrack. In other cases, the poster has been mixed with Finding Nemo as well as a pretty sweet version of Jason Statham's The Meg, which finds Arthur Curry hanging out with a much larger shark than what's shown in the original art.

Jason Momoa and James Wan are trying to make the Aquaman character cool for a new generation of fans, but some pretty clever old school fans keep throwing a monkey wrench into that plan. All of the cheesy one-liners are put front and center thanks to the animated mashup, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the end, it's still way too early to be judging the coolness of the movie based off of one trailer. Plus, there was another Comic-Con exclusive trailer that was released that raised the bar considerably, according to lucky fans who were able to see it. While we wait for more footage to be released online, you can watch the new Super Friends mashup below, thanks to the Darth Blender YouTube channel.