Warner Bros. took over Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con today and they brought Aquaman with them. Jason Momoa took a break from filming Aquaman in order to crash Comic-Con and he didn't disappoint. Not only did he bring his usual level of charisma and crowd-pleasing nature to the event, but he also brought the very first footage from the Aquaman movie with him. And it sounds pretty awesome.

Sadly, Warner Bros. decided not to release the Aquaman footage they showed at SDCC to the general public. They brought it as something special to show those who were in attendance, which is understandable. Director James Wan couldn't make it to the convention, since he is busy filming the movie, but he did send a video to introduce the footage. We may not have the actual footage, but we do have a description of the clip that was shown, courtesy of the Coming Soon live blog from Hall H.

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"It begins on the ocean with two old fishermen. They're listening to the radio and suddenly it looks like they have a bite. But it's not a fish. It's something big moving under them. The camera pulls back and we see that there are enormous underwater ships moving beneath the tiny fishing boat. One of them even has a shark fin that sticks out of the water. The fishermen are speechless. The camera goes under the water and we see that there are HUNDREDS of ships and armored men riding sharks. The scene cuts to Aquaman himself, standing with his trident. 'You don't want to maybe talk this over?' he says to an offscreen opponent. Yeah,' he smiles. 'Me neither.'"

There are still quite a few of us who will always picture the cheesy Super Friends version of Aquaman, which made him the butt of most DC jokes for many years. However, Jason Momoa and director James Wan are bringing something much different to the table, as evidenced by this pretty awesome sounding footage. This version of Arthur Curry has a serious attitude and is not one to be messed with. Even though we didn't get to see this footage, a lot of new Aquaman action was shown in the new Justice League trailer, which provides further evidence that the character is going to be very cool from now on in the eyes of the general public.

Since Aquaman isn't set to hit theaters until December 21, 2018, it isn't a huge surprise that Warner Bros. isn't releasing this footage just yet. As a bit of a consolation prize, you can check out a video that Warner Bros. posted of Jason Momoa taking the stage at SDCC in Hall H, waving around his Trident and playing it like a guitar. You can also check out the newly released Justice League trailer in order to get your Arthur Curry fix, in case you missed it.