Just this past week, it was announced that Patrick Wilson will play Orm, potential villain and half-brother to Arthur Curry in director James Wan's Aquaman movie. No surprise, Internet fan-art maestro BossLogic has responded in signature fashion with a new piece from his photoshop daily collection that depicts what Wilson may look like as the Ocean Master. BossLogic says this.

"Patrick Wilson - ORM for today's requests - photoshop daily, hope you like it @patrickwilson73"

You can see Patrick Wilson in the tweet below. And he's pretty cool looking, if not a little over the top for DC's dark universe of superheroes. Orm is one of DC Comics newer characters. He first appeared in 2012 as part of Aquaman's New 52 line-up. The Ocean Master title has been around a bit longer, though. It wasn't until a few years ago that he was rebooted, becoming the second son of Queen Atlanna and a descendant of Orin. Orm is very powerful, and becomes a rival to the throne. There is a lot of drama that plays out between The King of Atlantis and his Half-Brother.

Some believe this strikes a similarity in the character arcs held by Thor and Loki in Marvel's own Cinematic Universe. And we could definitely see some of that idea mirrored here, though hopefully in a new, fun way that is DC's own. Patrick Wilson joins Jason Momoa as title character Arthur Curry, who was briefly introduced in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice this spring before taking on a much more substantial role in next winter's Justice League. The cast of Aquaman also ncludes Amber Heard as fellow Atlantean Mera, as well as Willem Dafoe, who is playing Nuidis Vulko, both of whom have roles in Justice League .

Earlier today, Justice League director Zack Snyder shared a new image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman from the set of his superhero ensemble. It was accompanied by a video profile of Momoa, which included some new behind-the-scenes footage. The first trailer for Justice League premiered during Comic-Con 2014 and was released online soon after. It featured unfinished footage as shooting was ongoing at the time. Soon after, Zack Snyder also released a thrilling behind-the-scenes video that showered fans with even more exciting footage. Though we have yet to see the rest of the Aquaman ensemble in action. Hopefully, the full-length Justice League trailer will drop soon.

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It was previously revealed that Aquaman would shoot in both Australia and France. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is confirming that the Australian and Queensland governments have announced shooting at Village Roadshow Studios in South East Queensland on the Gold Coast. Production is set to begin next year under the direction of James Wan. This will be the first time Wan has shot in his homeland since making his breakout horror debut Saw.

The standalone Justice League spin-off Aquaman will hit theaters October 15, 2018. It was confirmed yesterday that The Batman standalone movie directed by and starring Ben Affleck will get a 2018 release date. There may be some more Justice League goodness unleashed on the masses leading up to Christmas. In the meantime, check out Patrick Wilson as Orm as imagined by online artist BossLogic.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange