Warner Bros.' Aquaman director James Wan took to Twitter to wish everybody a happy New Year while also taking the chance to promote the upcoming release of the movie with a sneak peek at the titular character's new armor. Wan recently called the movie a "classic revenge" story in an interview, stating that he also wanted to paint a picture of Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry as someone who's torn between the surface and the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. There hasn't been a lot of official images shared from the Aquaman movie, so it's nice to get an official sneak peek.

James Wan's special holiday message to Aquaman fans features an up close picture of some armor that is believed to belong to Arthur Curry. An arm-piece or leg-piece with an intricate octopus design embossed into the metal is clearly seen. It also shows a hooked spearhead in the foreground, as well as some other armored pieces, including a helmet in the background. In addition to the Aquaman armor, Wan wrote out a message that reads, "Happy New Year from the Deep! Here's to a great 2018." A fan asked on Twitter if the picture teased Aquaman's hook hand from the comic books, but director James Wan clarified that the picture did not hint at the hook hand.

Right behind Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther, Aquaman pops up as one of the most anticipated movies of 2018, but many are skeptical about how the movie will perform at the box office after the failure of the Justice League movie. The DCEU has a cloud over it at this time and is currently going through a transitional period. However, not much has been seen from Aquaman and James Wan's involvement brings excitement to the project. Wan wrote the script with Aquaman comic writer Geoff Johns and the hype is starting to build for the new standalone movie.

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Jason Momoa's portrayal of Aquaman in a standalone movie also has a lot to live up to after the massive success of Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman. Comic book fans were skeptical of Wonder Woman for a variety of reasons, but the movie defied all odds and was a box office smash, despite the perceived hate coming from comic book fans. The DCEU does have a stigma right now, but everybody is rooting for Aquaman to knock it out of the park and cement some more of the character on the big screen while opening the flood gates for more standalone movies.

James Wan's Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st, 2018, so there's still a pretty long wait, but that just means that more news will be dropping soon. Filming wrapped in October and throughout the filming and sneak peeks were seen from leaked set photos, but we still haven't seen a whole lot from the upcoming project, which has led to a certain mystique surrounding Aquaman. While we wait for that trailer to drop, you can check out the New Year's message and tease of the Aquaman armor below, courtesy of James Wan's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick