Aquaman is taking a cue from Game of Thrones and stepping up the look of the underwater sea dragons in the upcoming movie. The new look is a part of the concerted effort to make Aquaman cooler in an environment where the public attitude has been the opposite over the underwater character. Jason Momoa fought hard to get rid of jokes at Arthur Curry's expense in last year's Justice League, and it appears that James Wan and producer Peter Safran are on the same page, taking a pathetic-looking white seahorse and turning it into a massive underwater dragon.

Aquaman producer Peter Safran recently spoke about the reasoning behind designing the intimidating sea dragons for the movie. The sea dragons are normally ridden by the people of Xebel, who are one of the seven underwater kingdoms of Atlantis. Their leader is Dolph Lundgren's King Nereus and Amber Heard's Mera is one of their warriors. However, Safran drops a major hint that Aquaman will be seen riding one of the sea dragons as well. He had this to say.

"The idea was to turn on its head the idea of Aquaman riding a seahorse, take something for which he was mocked and turn it into something terrifying and impressive. He's a Xebellian creature but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Arthur (Jason Momoa) on one at some point..."

We've seen hints of the Xebel warriors on sea dragons from Aquaman, but this is the first time that the dragon has been seen close up in full detail, highlighting its massive size. While the image of the sea dragon looks a bit like it's from Game of Thrones, there is one big notable difference: these guys won't be breathing any fire underwater. However, they would more than likely be seen as an asset to Daenerys since she's down a dragon now.

All of the new images from Aquaman have been leading up to the first trailer for the movie, which will debut this week at San Diego Comic-Con and showing up online shortly thereafter. We even received our first look at the official poster, highlighting Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry and his relationship with his underwater friends. Even though the poster has only been public for a few days, there have already been some good parodies, with the best being a mashup with Jason Statham's The Meg.

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As more images from Aquaman arrive online, it's clear that this is going to be Arthur Curry like we've never seen him before. The cheese has been tossed aside and replaced with an edgy take on the character, which is clearly evident in the new image of the sea dragon. Even DC fans who weren't necessarily looking forward to Aquaman have to be pretty hyped by now. While we wait for the trailer to drop later this week, you can check out the brand-new image of the sea dragon below, provided by Entertainment Weekly.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick