Aquaman might not ever get the full respect that the character deserves, no matter how hard James Wan and Jason Momoa are trying. Earlier this week, the official poster was unveiled by DC Films and Warner Bros., which led to some pretty harsh criticisms that stem from the fact that Momoa is wearing leather pants underwater to the fact that the new poster kind of resembles a Lisa Frank binder design from the 1980s without the rainbow coloring. One eagle-eyed DC fan was even able to find a corner that was cut during the making of the Aquaman poster, leading to fans calling the poster a lazy Photoshop job.

Jason Momoa's Aquaman is featured front and center in the new poster along with his underwater friends. While many DC fans think that the poster is truly stunning, others have started to put it under the microscope to point out every little detail that is wrong with it. Case in point: directly to Momoa's left, a great white shark is spotted. However, this particular shark isn't original. Instead, it's a Getty Images picture of a shark that was Photoshopped into the poster, which is completely obvious when you see the two images side-by-side.

Some fans instantly went on to call the Aquaman poster an act of pure laziness for taking stock images of sea life and adding them to the poster. This isn't a trend that is exclusive to the DCEU. Back when the first character posters for Marvel's Infinity War were revealed, fans were quick to point out that they focused too much on the butts of Captain America and Bucky. If that wasn't enough, Tom Holland's Peter Parker poster for the movie was criticized for having lack of bulge in the image.

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This just comes at a bad time for Aquaman, right before the first trailer is supposed to drop at San Diego Comic-Con. The attempts to make Arthur Curry cool have already been foiled by some pretty clever memes taking aim at the poster. There's the pretty epic mashup of the Aquaman poster with Jason Statham's The Meg and then another pretty clever mashup that surrounds Jason Momoa with the cast of Disney's Finding Nemo.

Aquaman doesn't hit theaters until December, so there's still plenty of time for DC to release another poster that doesn't use stock images of great white sharks. Hopefully, the trailer will be the element that turns the tide for the reputation of Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry. The trailer will be released later this week at San Diego Comic-Con and will undoubtedly be looked at under the same scrutiny as the first poster was, which means some DC fans might want to stay away from social media for a bit to stay away from any upcoming negativity. You can check out the stock image of the great white shark next to the Aquaman poster below, thanks to TheKingsMans Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick