If nothing else, Aquaman should prove to be a 3D visual feast for the eyes that rivals what Marvel's Doctor Strange did this past November. The underwater action sequences are going to be insane. And today, we have a new video that shows some of what is being planned. It looks like we're in for something very special.

Aquaman won't hit theaters until October 2018, but James Wan's production team is already starting to infiltrate Australia with shooting scheduled to begin in the New Year. They have moved in on Thor's old stomping grounds, with this DC Films adventure also shooting in Queensland, where Marvel's Ragnarok wrapped late in 2016. While Aquaman has had his fair share of ribbing over the years, becoming the butt of many a superhero joke, his movie is going to be unique to the genre, introducing some never-before-seen moments that will surely not fit the usually action tropes.

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James Wan has been busy prepping Aquaman for the later half of 2016. It stars Jason Momoa in the title role, after having been introduced with a quick cameo in this past March's Batman V Superman. The actor almost immediately went to work on Justice League, which wrapped this past Thanksgiving. Now, taking not much of a break, Momoa is getting ready once again to dive back into this ocean.

Joining him will be Amber Hera as Queen Mera. Also in the movie is Patrick Wilson, who stars as Ocean Master Orm, Aquaman's half-brother and potential villain. Warner Bros. hasn't been shy about hiding any and all things happening with Aquaman up until this point, and with a local 9News station allowed on set, we can expected to see more as this shoot unfolds.

In this cool video, we get to see the stunt team practicing their trade in preparation for what is expected out of them on the Aquaman set. They are seen simulating a military scenario for another big action movie whose title couldn't be revealed at this time.This team also worked on Mad Max: Fury Road, which means a little bit of that flavor will seep into Aquaman. Stunt director Keir Beck has this to say about bringing his team's skills to James Wan's superhero standalone.

"General stunt skills, fighting, if there [are] water sequences obviously being capable and competent in water."

No story details are in place yet for Aquaman, but it is believed that the King of Atlantis and his Queen will be going toe-to-toe with Black Manta. Apparently even the stunt team doesn't know too much about the story yet, or they're simply not letting on. You can check out the video here.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange