Aquaman is DC's only big release this year, and many fans are hoping it course corrects the DCEU, which is now officially known as Worlds of DC. The first screening of James Wan's epic underwater adventure happened sometime over the course of the past few days. And the first reactions are in from a handful of individuals that were lucky enough to see the almost completed movie, which hits theaters this December.

So, what's the verdict? It sounds like first audiences enjoyed Aquaman, but the overall consensus is that it's merely good. Not great. And right now, the DCEU could really use a great movie to push this superhero universe into the future. Aquaman is important to the ongoing franchise, and with four months left until everyone gets a chance to see it, James Wan and his team have time to tweak it over to the side of greatness.

These test screenings reportedly took place in Los Angeles, and some of the more prominent online movie voices chimed in with their take on how it all went down. Frosty over at Collider had this to say, being one of the first to break news of the test screenings.

"Guess which upcoming superhero movie test screened last night in the San Fernando Valley? Heard good things...."
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He's hearing good things, not great things. And that's okay. We've been inundated with superhero movies these past couple of years, and after Infinity War, it's hard to top what has come before it. Back in 2012, what is being shown at the Aquaman test screenings could have been considered 'great'. Audiences are getting a little watered down and spoiled when it comes to these blockbuster tentpoles.

Not much has been revealed about the test screenings, and no real details about the actual plot have leaked. We're not seeing any reviews yet. Just a quick reaction to what was shown on screen. Omega Underground's Christopher Marc's also remarked about the recent test screenings on social media. He doesn't believe the movie will be a masterpiece by any means, but it sounds watchable. He says this.

"I hear it's good (not great) and that's all we can hope for in the end. I'll take it."

KC Walsh, known on social media as The Comix Kid, also hit up Twitter to share his thoughts on Aquaman after the Los Angeles test screenings. He compares the movie to the first Iron Man and Captain America films that came out of the MCU.

"#Aquaman is a phase 1 MCU film through and through, so if you liked those you'll love it, if you didn't you probably won't get much enjoyment out of Aquaman."

With where the MCU is at now, heading into Avengers 4, Aquaman might seem kind of quaint and old fashioned by the time it hits theater screens this Christmas. But that's okay. We've been bombarded with crazy superhero business this past year, and perhaps we all need to slow down a bit. Aquaman would be the answer to that.

Aquaman is in theaters December 21, taking the place of Star Wars this year. It stars Jason Momoa as the King of Atlantas under the direction of Saw and The Conjuring mastermind James Wan. The trailer launched at Comic-Con stirred up quite a lot of hype, and it's possible that this will be the hit DC is looking for. We all must tamper our expectations though, as it sounds like we're getting something that's just below Wonder Woman in its watchability. At least it sounds better than Justice League. And we won't have to endure a year's worth of wonky begging for the Wan cut after it comes out. Because we'll be getting the Wan cut in theaters.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange