Are we getting the first Aquaman trailer next month? The live-action DC movie universe is in an interesting place following the critical and financial disappointment of Justice League, with much of the future DC slate now uncertain. However, James Wan was already in-production on Jason Momoa's first solo adventure as Aquaman when that all went down, so we're getting that movie no matter what happens with the DCEU in the future. Now, we've got a rumor that suggests the movie's first trailer could be debuting next month at WonderCon in Anaheim, California.

We need to emphasize that this should merely be regarded as rumor for the time being, but with that said, Revenge of the Fans claims that the first Aquaman trailer will arrive next month as part of Warner Bros. programming at WonderCon, which takes place from March 23 through March 25. At the present time, that's all we're hearing and WonderCon has yet to announce its programming schedule. So it hasn't yet been revealed when Warner Bros. is going to present or what exactly they're going to present, but some Aquaman footage looks to be in the cards.

Showing the first Aquaman trailer would seem to make more sense for a larger event like San Diego Comic-Con, but there are a few reasons that it would benefit the studio to release the footage at WonderCon. For one, there won't be quite as much massive news coming out that weekend, which means that the Aquaman trailer could dominate the news cycle when it hits. Not only that, but Aquaman is the only live-action DC movie arriving this year and Warner Bros. will likely want to get people hyped early, since the movie doesn't hit theaters until December.

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This isn't the first we've heard of the Aquaman trailer possibly arriving soon. Recently, a composer by the name of Carlos Villalobos Jr. took to social media to declare that he was working on the Aquaman trailer. However, director James Wan set the record straight, explaining that this composer is not at all involved with the movie in any way shape or form. Though, he did tell fans to be patient as they want to make sure the trailer "rocks" before revealing it to the world.

"Patience :) Lots of work. Wanna make sure it rocks. Thank you."

There's always the possibility that Warner Bros. could show the Aquaman trailer at WonderCon 2018 and not release the footage online until later. Granted, that seems less likely, as they'll want to start building buzz for this movie, especially if they have faith in it, since Justice League served as such a disappointment. The movie has already held test screenigs, where it received some advanced good word of mouth. Aquaman is set for release on December 21 and stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren, Nicole Kidman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Patrick Wilson. While this is just a rumor, be sure to keep your eyes peeled during WonderCon next month as we could be seeing the Aquaman trailer arrive online, with any luck. This news was first reported by Revenge of the Fans.

Ryan Scott