Could the Aquaman trailer be arriving soon? While we may need some more evidence to declare that to definitely be the case, it looks like Warner Bros. is starting the marketing campaign for this one pretty early. It's still unclear as to when the trailer will release, but composer Carlos Villalobos Jr. dropped a not-so-subtle hint on social media recently indicating that he's working on scoring the Aquaman trailer right now. Though, the post was later deleted without reason this morning. That being the case, it's not unreasonable to assume this means the trailer could be arriving soon. The question is, when?

Carlos Villalobos Jr. took to Instagram to share a photo of his studio while working on his current project, which, based on his caption and some of what can be seen in the photo, is clearly the Aquaman trailer. On the monitor in his studio, there's a clear image of Jason Momoa as the Atlantean DC hero. Here's what the composer had to say to go along with the image.

"Trailer scoring heaven today #composer #studio #aquaman #oldfriends"

That paints a pretty crystal clear picture that the Aquaman trailer is likely almost ready to go. If the score is being done, that's one of the final stages, meaning that Warner Bros. is either just getting it ready just because they can, or they're actually getting ready to release this thing soon. DC fans are likely to want to believe in the latter option and that's actually not all that crazy. Even though the Aquaman solo movie doesn't come out until December, there are a few reasons to think that the studio could drop a teaser trailer in the near future.

For one, director James Wan wrapped production on Aquaman back in October. That means they've had a solid four months worth of post-production work on the movie. That's easily enough time to get a trailer ready. Not only that, but Aquaman is the only live-action DC movie coming our way this year. While that could give Warner Bros. the time it needs to sort out the DCEU behind-the-scenes, they also don't want people forgetting about the DC movie universe in the meantime. So it wouldn't hurt to put out a teaser trailer early this year just to keep the hype going throughout 2018. Warner Bros. has a major release coming out shortly with Dwayne Johnson's Rampage on April 20. That seems like the perfect movie to attach the first Aquaman teaser trailer to.

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Granted, that's purely speculative, but Warner Bros. does have an event movie coming out soon and putting the first Aquaman footage out in theaters with a movie starring the most bankable star in the world doesn't sound like a bad idea. It's far from confirmed, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled, DC fans, just in case Warner Bros. decides to surprise release this thing. Aquaman is set for release in theaters on December 21. You can check out Carlos Villalobos Jr.'s Instagram post for yourself below. The Instragram was removed, but others are retweeting the captured image as witnessed below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott