We're still waiting to see some footage from the DCEU's highly anticipated Aquaman, but a new image of a recent poster shows off some differences in armor from the way that it looked in Justice League, and it will have to do for now. DC fans have been waiting quite a while to see a new installment, since it will be nearly 13 months since the last DCEU movie when the standalone hits theaters in December. Director James Wan has been extremely protective of the Aquaman movie, waiting to release footage until everything is finished and ready to go by his standards. The director showed off some footage a few weeks ago at CinemaCon, but prefaced it by saying that it was not official or finished yet.

The Licensing Expo is currently underway in Las Vegas and a new promo poster for Aquaman is on display. Jason Momoa can clearly be seen as Arthur Curry with his trusty trident and what looks to be some new designs in his armor. In Justice League, the costume appeared to be a darker green with scales, the new armor looks like it has more orange, possibly playing homage to the original colors from the Aquaman comics. Regardless, it's Arthur Curry, and it's brand-new, which is something that DCEU fans haven't seen in a while.

The new Aquaman armor looks like it's finding a better balance from the comic book source material while making something that is new and unique. Additionally, Arthur Curry's suit from the comics didn't really look like he had much in the way of protection, which is something that the latest suit designs have gone out of their way to remedy. A straight design from the comics would have arguably looked more than a little goofy, especially standing next to the rest of the Justice League.

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As far as the footage of Aquaman that was shown at CinemaCon, it was reportedly pretty awesome. Aquaman was seen ripping a submarine out of the ocean while a young Arthur Curry was shown catching a trident with his bare hands. Elsewhere, Amber Heard's Mera was featured pleading for the help of Aquaman, stating that, "unless you help us, millions will die." The footage was brief, and as James Wan said, it was also unfinished and not meant to be an official trailer for Aquaman.

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st, so there's still a pretty long wait. However, even though James Wan is a perfectionist, it seems that a trailer should be launched within the next few weeks. Most of the films that have November release dates have already started getting trailers, so a December release should be on its way. Jason Momoa is pumped for his Aquaman standalone movie, and insiders say that the DCEU film is something to be excited about. For now, we can take a look at the Aquaman poster from the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas below, thanks to the DC Cinematic Reddit page.

Kevin Burwick