Jason Momoa celebrated Halloween by sharing two posts that contain brand-new Aquaman footage. The first post that Momoa shared featured a behind-the-scenes look at the classic suit that has been teased in past bits of promotional material. The actor was urging people to dress as Arthur Curry for Halloween, and then teased out some further footage that showed Curry in armor, getting ready to go up against King Orm. He says, "Why be anything else when you can be Aquaman?" However, that Halloween tease wasn't enough for DC fans.

In addition to the behind-the-scenes look at the classic Aquaman costume, Jason Momoa shared a new promo clip that features previously unseen footage. The latest look at the film features Arthur Curry accepting his fate to become king. There's plenty of new dialogue with further looks at King Orm as well as Mantis, plus some even more intense action scenes. There's definitely more going on in these new social media posts from Momoa than were seen in this past weekend's extended trailer.

The countdown has officially started for Aquaman to hit theaters. We're now less than two months away, and Jason Momoa is clearly excited to show fans what he and James Wan have been working on for so long. DC fans were only treated to the first footage over the summer, so it's been pretty intense to get all of these new looks at the film in such a short amount of time. With that being said, there's certainly not anybody complaining about getting a further look at the standalone Arthur Curry movie.

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The Halloween angle was a smart marketing move on behalf of Warner Bros. There's more than likely a lot of kids, and adults, that will be going out as Aquaman this evening and over the last weekend, so it's cool to get an extra message from Jason Momoa that rewards their good Halloween costume taste. Above that, it's even more than likely that anybody who dressed as Arthur Curry this year is going to end up seeing the film on opening day, which is the main reasoning behind the Halloween message with new footage today.

Initial tracking for Aquaman is coming in a bit lower than the studio probably intended, so we can expect to see a big marketing push over the next few weeks to get those predicted box office numbers up. Domestically, the movie is looking like it will bring in anywhere from $40-$60 million, which is great, but not normal DCEU money. With a bit more of a marketing push, the studio could end up seeing some more fans in the theater for opening weekend. However, Aquaman will be in direct competition with the Bumblebee movie. While we wait to see how the movie does, you can check out two brand-new clips from Aquaman below, thanks to Jason Momoa's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick