According to Variety, Ibon Cormenzana's Arcadia Motion Pictures is going to produce director Mateo Gil's Blackthorn.

The film is "a reprise of the Butch Cassidy legend." It takes place in 1910 and will star Sam Shepard, Stephen Rea and Eduardo Noriega.

Shepard is going to play Butch Cassidy 15 years after he was thought to have been gunned down by the Bolivian police. He is now planning to come back to the U.S. and retire. Noriega will play a free wheeling cowboy who loses Cassidy's life savings. This pushes Cassidy into a final job which is a mine heist. Rea is going to be a railroad employee who is hunting Cassidy.

Blackthorn will go into production this March in Alicante, Spain. It will also shoot in Bolivia. The film is budgeted at $7.5 million.