Yesterday, it was revealed that Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures are planning to announce a secret tentpole event movie for November 4, 2016. Today, Latino Review claims that movie is Marvel's Namor, also known as Namor: The Sub-Mariner.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Latino Review reached out to the folks at Universal and Legendary, and they had no comment. Meaning they didn't deny that Namor is in the works.

Legendary, who signed a multiyear release deal with Universal last year after leaving Warner Bros., currently has two movies in the works at the studio. The first one is an untitled Michael Mann project, sometimes referred to as Cyber, which hits on January 16, 2015, and then their big video game adaptation Warcraft, which arrives March 11, 2016. No details were released for the Untitled Universal Event Movie coming in 2016, but it was revealed that the project is new, and not a sequel or a remake. It is, however, based on an existing intellectual property.

Some have speculated that this will be a big screen adaptation of the popular Hot Wheels toys, which has been in development for quite a long time. Some also think the video game adaptation Mass Effect is a possibility. No remake means this is not one of Universal's classic monster reboots. Though it's possible the film is just merely Will Smith's Brilliance. That is unlikely because the film is being touted as a big tentpole feature meant to create a new franchise.

Universal still holds the rights to Marvel's Namor, and with Sony having The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, X-Men and The Fantastic Four stationed at 20th Century Fox, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe at Disney, and Warner Bros. clinging to the entire DC Comics catalogue, it makes sense that Universal would want to get in on the Marvel game with a title they still hold the rights to.

Latino Review claims this is just a rumor until it gets confirmed, but they have several different sources confirming that Namor is indeed happening.

If Namor does make it to the big screen on November 4, he will beat Aquaman to the punch, as Aquaman is set to be an integral part of Justice League, which currently has a tentative release date of May 5, 2017.

In terms of the comic books, DC Comics' Aquaman has always been considered a rip-off of Marvel's aquatic hero. Namor made his debut in Marvel Comics #1 in October of 1939. Aquaman didn't swim forward in the pages of his own comic book until two years later, hitting dry land in 1941. This could be history repeating itself.

Latino Review go onto speculate that yesterday's news about Zac Efron joining the Marvel family might be tied to this movie, and not the Daredevil Netflix series as originally thought.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see a Namor movie starring Zac Efron? Or is that the movie that kills the comic book genre as we know it?