The saga over the Sin City 2 sequel rights continues, and it seems that the initial reports may have been true after all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sequel rights to Sin City 2 are being shopped around Hollywood, which may indicate that Dimension Films have indeed lost the rights to the sequel.

It was reported earlier this month that Dimension had lost the rights to the sequel, and the filmmakers were seeking another studio to make the film at, with Universal Pictures mentioned as a possibility. That report was quickly refuted by The Weinstein Co./Dimension lawyer Bert Fields who called the story "hogwash."

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Now it seems that producers have been getting offers for the rights from the estate of Frank Miller, who created the original graphic novel the original Sin City film and the sequel are based on. It seems that Miller is searching for a new studio to set up the sequel at. Director Robert Rodriguez, who directed the first film, has strong ties to both Miller and The Weinstein Co., and it is unclear as to what his involvement may be. The Weinstein Co. said Wednesday that it stood by the statement made by Fields.

We'll certainly keep you posted on any updates regarding this highly-anticipated sequel as soon as more information is available.