Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users are planning a raid on Area 51, the "top-secret" government base rumored to house proof of extra-terrestrial contact. For those uninitiated, Area 51 serves as a secret base for American aviation authorities, and is only accessible to government officials with top-level security clearance. Although the facility has been in operation since 1955, the government refused to even acknowledge its existence until more recently in 2013 as part of a Freedom of Information request. While it wasn't revealed as to what's inside, the cloud of secrecy is clearly only making people that much more interested in finding out.

Now, American citizens are planning a raid, hoping to breach the building's security by storming the gates with legions of people. On Facebook, an event page was created with the goal of breaking into the top-secret base. Called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us," the idea is for enough people to charge towards the base like an invading army to take the fences down and bust through the door. The date of the raid is also listed as Sept. 20 of this year, which also gives the government plenty of time to prepare their defenses in anticipation of the movement.

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This story is certainly already crazy enough as it is, but the movement is making a lot of traction. As of this writing, over 423,000 people have listed that they are going to the big event; another 434,000 are "interested." According to the event page, the plan is for all of these people to gather near the building before then charging straight for Area 51. The event description writes this.

"We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let's see them aliens."

Of course, while this whole thing is amusing and (hopefully) just a gag, it does present some very real danger. Most Facebook users could merely be responding to the event in jest, but there's still the chance hundreds or thousands of alien-hunters and UFO enthusiasts will still show up for the raid. More than likely, this will not end well for any of the people actually serious about pulling off the plan, especially considering the government knows exactly when it's supposed to take place. Chances are, anyone trying to break into the facility is going to be promptly arrested, or worse, killed in a hailfire of bullets from government workers guarding the facility.

We all want to know what's inside Area 51, and that curiosity is just a part of human nature. That's what's fueling this worldwide interest in seeing people gaining access to the facility in one way or another to investigate what the government's been hiding from us. Is there evidence of alien life housed in the building? Perhaps there are actual, live extra-terrestrials living in captivity inside the facility. It has been rumored that everything has been cleared out of Area 51, and there is no evidence of life beyond earth still housed there. That the march will come up empty handed even if they do breach the barriers. For better or for worse, we will all probably never know for sure. You can check out the raid event page now over on Storm Area 51 Facebook Event.

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