The first images from the horror/comedy Arizona have arrived online. The movie made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January of this year and will be screening later this month at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. Ahead of its scheduled screening at the upcoming festival, a trio of images from the movie have arrived, showcasing a bloody Danny McBride, a blood-free Luke Wilson and a mother, played by Rosemarie DeWitt, who is trying to comfort her terrified daughter.

There is currently no trailer or footage of any kind to accompany these images of Arizona, but they paint a picture that is much more horror than comedy. Though, the movie is being billed as a "delightfully nasty" comedy by the organizers of the Fantasia Film Festival. Many moviegoers are probably still much more accustomed to Danny McBride being in R-rated comedies and shows such as Eastbound and Down and Vice Principals. However, he's been asserting himself as a man who enjoys horror quite a bit. He starred in Alien: Covenant last year and co-wrote the upcoming Halloween movie. This is clearly a side of his career that he wants to explore further.

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Arizona is set in the midst of the 2009 housing crisis. This darkly comedic story follows Cassie Fowler, a single mom and struggling realtor whose life goes off the rails when she witnesses a murder. The housing crisis set off an economic downturn in the U.S. that spiraled out of control. It was a very dark time for many families as houses were being foreclosed on at record rates. That makes it a time period that seems perfectly aligned with the movie's premise. It's easy to see how there could be some poignant comedy mixed in with the horror.

Jonathan Watson directs Arizona from a script by Luke Del Tredici, who has written for shows like 30 Rock, Bored to Death and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Watson makes his feature directorial debut with this project but he's got a ton of experience under his belt. He's served as a second unit or assistant director on more than 40 projects such as Bad Boys, The Green Mile, 21 Jump Street and The Disaster Artist. He previously collaborated with Danny McBride on projects like This Is The End and Eastbound and Down.

Critics who have screened Arizona seemed to be divided on it. So far, with seven reviews counted on Rotten Tomatoes, three skew positive and four lean on the negative side. RLJE Films acquired distribution rights for the movie in May and they intend to release it this summer. Though, no specific release date has been locked down. It's also not clear if it will be getting a broad theatrical release or if it will be a mostly VOD release with a small theatrical rollout. Be sure to check out the images from Arizona in the link below. These images come from Imgur.

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