The first trailer for Arizona has arrived. Danny McBride is primarily known for his comedy exploits in movies like Pineapple Express and on the small screen in shows like Eastbound and Down. However, he's been dipping his toes in the horror genre a bit more in recent years, having starred in Alien: Covenant last year, in addition to co-writing the upcoming Halloween movie. Now, the trailer for Arizona showcases a pretty shocking blend of his unique talents.

Things get dark pretty quickly in the footage. Danny McBride provides some angry voiceover, relating to his frustrations that stemmed from the housing crisis in 2009. He has kidnapped his real estate agent and, as we soon come to realize, his character isn't exactly the most intelligent guy. He's clearly not used to dealing with crimes such as these. Even though much of this is intended to be humorous, it's all very messed up. McBride is a murderer who wants to chop up a body and even punches a young girl right in the face. This feels like it could be a Coen brothers type of thing, ala Fargo, where, despite grim circumstances, there is humor to be found. The trick with something like that is, can that balance be maintained for the duration of an entire movie?

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In Arizona, Cassie (Rosemarie DeWitt, La La Land) is a real estate agent and single mom struggling to keep it all together during the housing crisis of 2009. Her problems go from bad to worse when disgruntled client Sonny (Danny McBride) violently confronts Cassie's boss and then kidnaps Cassie, making one outrageously bad, and bloody, decision after another. Things completely spiral out of control in this explosive action comedy.

The cast also includes Luke Wilson (Idiocracy), Kaitlin Olson (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), David Alan Grier (The Carmichael Show) and Elizabeth Gillies (Dynasty). This marks the directorial debut of Jonathan Watson, who previously worked with Danny McBride as a second unit director on his HBO series Vice Principals. The script comes from Luke Del Tredici (30 Rock). The movie debuted at Sundance and has received a mixed response from critics who have seen it thus far. Seven reviews have been counted on Rotten Tomatoes, with 3 fresh and four rotten. So it appears to be a bit divisive.

It will be interesting to see if Danny McBride continues down this genre road he's currently wandering. Arizona is set to arrive on VOD and via digital retailers on August 24. At the present time, it doesn't appear that there is going to be any sort of theatrical release, but it could find its way into select theaters. Given that the release is coming up so quickly, it's pretty interesting that they waited so long to drop the trailer. We'll have to see how that strategy works out. Be sure to check out the Arizona trailer, courtesy of the RLJE Films YouTube channel, for yourself below.