The Day After Tomorrow: In a recent interview with, actor Arjay Smith spoke about what to expect from the upcoming 'Doom's Day' film, The Day After Tomorrow...

Who do you play?

I play Jake's best friend, so I'll be throughout the whole movie. Not to give away too much, but it's a disaster/thriller type movie.

Doesn't it involve a new Ice Age?

There you go, there you go - same concept. If the ice caps were ever to melt, what could possibly happen to planet Earth? It'll keep you on your toes.

Was there a lot of acting with blue screens in this movie?

Actually, we did have a few scenes in front of the blue screens. They actually had a set and inside this studio - I mean this studio was just unbelievable. They had like New York streets built with cars, flooding with water to the top. We did a lot of stuff in the studio. We only did a couple of days outside in the actual snow. It was -40 when we were out there, so our stunt doubles really had to do the hard stuff outside. Everything was done inside and a lot of the scenes take place in this library.

As I understand it, Dennis Quaid is trying to save his son. He knows what's happening and his son doesn't - that type of thing. So you're with Jake Gyllenhaal while all that's going on?

Yes, I'm with Jake the whole time.

Did you have to do a lot of stunt work?

Not too much. We're running through this fake snow. I can't remember what type of material they were using, but we're just really running through the snow. Jake had to do a couple of stunts. They had to put him on a wire because he's walking across a boat - a ship, actually - and so he was about 20' high. He had to just get wired up, just for safety reasons. Not too much in the way of stunts, and we had our doubles just in case anything got a little hectic where they wanted us to run through very narrow spots. But we were running through the rain. I said I wanted to do a lot of it myself, running through the rain. It was just fun for me.

When you look back on filming, is there one day of filming that sticks out in your mind?

Wow. There's one day that sticks out in mind but it wasn't a filming day. The whole shoot was just awesome, everybody was just pleasant. But one day one of our actor's trailers blew up and that was a frantic day. Thank God they weren't in there.

How did it blow up?

I guess somebody wasn't watching the amount of gas they were putting in when they refueled. So that day has stuck in my mind ever since. But no injuries, thank God.

Every day working on the set was just a pleasant day. I had a great time shooting this film.

If you could compare it to one film that's been released, what would you compare it to?

It's very similar to "Deep Impact" with Elijah Wood. Very similar as far as the waves going through. But our movie's more so on weather conditions going crazy rather than an asteroid coming in and causing destruction. So it's going to be more so about Mother Nature, how Mother Nature kind of goes on a rampage.

So you describe it as an action/thriller?

Action/thriller/disaster type movie.

Is there any romance in it?

Yep. Not between me, but there is just a little bit of romance.