Bruce Willis is revisiting his starring role in Armageddon 22 years later by breaking out the old orange astronaut costume from the classic disaster movie. As Willis has been spending all of his time at home with family like many of us, his daughter Rumer Willis managed to capture a recent photo of her father goofing around while wearing his familiar Armageddon costume. Posting the picture to Instagram along with the hashtag #thismanisadamnlegend, Rumer writes: "He said this is 'His saving the [world] outfit' (Actual one from Armageddon)." You can see the epic image below.

Released in 1998, Armageddon was directed by Michael Bay with a screenplay by Jonathan Hensleigh and J. J. Abrams. As one of Bay's earliest movies, the flick was one of the first to establish the kinds of movies he'd come to be known for. A sci-fi disaster movie, Armageddon tells the story of a deadly asteroid speeding towards Earth, and the planet depending upon a group of blue-collar drillers to save the world by dismantling the giant space rock. It may not have been scientifically accurate, but it made for a fun big-budget popcorn movie for filmgoers. The movie was a tremendous success at the box office, ultimately becoming the highest-grossing movie of 1998 despite negative reviews from critics at the time.

Along with Bruce Willis in a lead role, the cast of Armageddon was filled with many of Hollywood's biggest stars of the time. This includes Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck, who respectively played the daughter and future son-in-law of Willis' character. Also appearing in the movie are other stars like Will Patton, Steve Buscemi, Owen Wilson, Michael Clarke Duncan. Billy Bob Thornton, Jessica Steen, Keith David, and Jason Isaacs, with movie legend Charlton Heston serving as the narrator. In addition to this star-studded cast, Armageddon is also notable for featuring the original Aerosmith song, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," and I know you're already remembering the words.

For better or for worse, Armageddon is one of those high-grossing movies from the past that to date hasn't been given any type of sequel or reboot. Part of that might be based on the criticism drawn by the movie upon its initial release, as the movie was up for several Razzie Awards including Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, and Willis himself even picked up the "win" for Worst Actor. Still, Armageddon served as a fun watch for a lot of people at the time, but it's not exactly the kind of movie folks have been clamoring to see an updated version of for the past two decades.

As for Willis, the Die Hard star has continued to act in movies, appearing in dozens of roles since his time filming Armageddon. He can next be seen in the upcoming home invasion thriller Survive the Night from director Matt Eskandari, which is set to be released digitally on May 22. Chad Michael Murray and Shea Buckner also star. The photo of Willis wearing his Armageddon costume comes to us from Rumer Willis on Instagram.