Armie Hammer has apologized for bashing celebrities who posted selfies with Stan Lee after his death earlier this week. The Call Me by Your Name star was trying to point out that posting a selfie with the comic book icon was taking his death and making it about themselves. His sarcastic, and now-deleted tweet was taking aim at selfie culture, but it ended up making a lot of people pretty angry, including Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who accused Hammer of making the whole ordeal about himself.

After Jeffrey Dean Morgan called Armie Hammer an "asshat" for bashing Marvel fans and celebrities for paying tribute to Stan Lee, he deleted the tweet. While he deleted the message, it had already been shared too many times for it to go away, leaving an army of angry Marvel fans pointing negativity towards Hammer, even going as far as to ask who he is. This all prompted Hammer to make a public apology. He had this to say.

"While attempting to provide some unnecessary social commentary about the current selfie culture, I (in true asshat form - thank you Jeffrey Dean Morgan) inadvertently offended many who were genuinely grieving the loss of a true icon. I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart and will be working on my Twitter impulse control."

Before Jeffrey Dean Morgan commented on Armie Hammer's thoughts on the celebrity tributes to Stan Lee, fans were trying to see where the actor was coming from. One Twitter user said, "They... worked with him...?" to which Hammer responded by saying, "Me... too...?" Hammer went on to say that he felt that posting a selfie made it more about the person as opposed to Lee, noting that it "makes his death about you and how cool you felt taking a picture with him."

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There are people who agree with Armie Hammer's stance on the selfie tribute. Just because Hammer's opinion isn't the most popular at the moment, it doesn't mean that it isn't valid. However, there are more than a few Stan Lee fans that wish he would have gone about it in another way that was less sarcastic and self-righteous. While a lot of people were lucky enough to work with Lee, like Hammer was (He voiced Strong Arm in the TV movie Stan Lee's Mighty 7), there are many fans who were never able to interact with him on that level.

In the end, Armie Hammer has taken his statement back in order to apologize to all of the Marvel fans that he hurt earlier this week. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has yet to respond to Hammer's apology, but he really doesn't need to, even if he does get a special shout out in it. When it comes down to it, Stan Lee loved his fans, and would probably like them to celebrate his life in any healthy way that they deemed necessary. You can check out the social media exchange as well as the apology below, provided by Armie Hammer's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick