Zack Snyder is a filmmaker who believes in not pulling any punches. In that sense, he has found the perfect partner in Netflix, which has always believed in not trying to shackle their content creators with creative notes or studio edits. Now, Snyder is kickstarting his new zombie franchise at Netflix with Army of the Dead. In a new interview, the filmmaker revealed a rare moment of self-censorship when he decided to take out a scene from the movie involving a male stripper with a chomped-on appendage.

"We had a sequence where one of the male strippers had a huge p*nis with a bite taken out of it... We thought that was too much."
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Despite the lack of male zombie strippers with dangling wangs, Army of the Dead promises to add new dimensions to the zombie genre of films. In the past, Snyder has explained that he wanted to expand the categories of zombies that filmgoers have seen before. To that end, Army of the Dead features robot zombies, and animal zombies in addition to the regular human undeads. And then there are the "Alpha" zombies, which according to Zack Snyder represent the greatest threat to the film's human leads.

"[We] have two categories of zombies in the movie, alphas and then normal shamblers. [If] you see a zombie movie, normal shamblers, it's like a normal zombie, they kind of move slowly. And then our alphas, which are an evolved version of zombies and zombies that have taken another step, and they're much... they're fast, and we kind of treat them kind of like almost like wolves or like, they're not... they're sentient, you know what I mean? They kind of, they fight [in] packs and they kind of have a pack mentality."

Army of the Dead has been described as a "zombie heist" movie that features a group of mercenaries trying to get to the heart of Las Vegas, where a large amount of money is waiting for them. The problem is, Vegas is the epicenter of a massive zombie outbreak, and the crew has less than two days in which to manage the heist before the entire city is blown to smithereens.

The setup for the movie promises some insane action sequences, the type that Snyder excels at. In another interview, the filmmaker had promised that this time, there will be no need for a #ReleasetheSnyderCut campaign, since the studio was always on board with letting him put whatever he wants in the film, explaining, "I didn't have to fight [Netflix]. There are no other cuts of this movie. You don't have to see a bastardized version - you get to see the awesome version first."

It remains to be seen if his new film will recall the glory days of 300 for Snyder and his fans. Directed and co-written by Zack Snyder, Army of the Dead stars Dave Bautista, Garret Dillahunt, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Raúl Castillo, Tig Notaro, Theo Rossi, and Ana de la Reguera. The film will release on Netflix on May 21. This news originated at The Times.