Any popular film that comes out now is going to get an honest trailer. Honest Trailers are a massively popular series of fake trailers that critique movies seen on the YouTube channel, Screen Junkies. The trailers are narrated by Jon Bailey, or the Epic Voice Guy, whose epic trailer voice combined with his hilarious delivery create comedy gold. On June 1, Screen Junkies released their latest Honest Trailer for Army of the Dead.

Army of the Dead released in theaters on May 14 and then on Netflix on May 21. The movie stars Dave Bautista, who leads a crew on a dangerous heist in Las Vegas to retrieve millions of dollars. The catch is that Vegas is infested with zombies and has been zoned off. In a matter of hours, the US government is going to nuke Vegas so Bautista and his crew need to fight off the walking dead and retrieve the money before the nuclear bomb drops.

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The film is directed by Zack Snyder, his first zombie film since Dawn of the Dead in 2004. Snyder is also coming off of HBO Max's Justice League cut, which premiered on the streaming service back in March. Army of the Dead thus far has received decent reviews from both critics and fans, but the honest trailer doesn't shy away from revealing many of the film's problems.

Honest Trailers does poke fun at some of Snyder's flaws in making this film, especially his scriptwriting and bizarre choices in depth-of-field, making the film appear out of focus constantly. However, one key aspect that the honest trailer critiques is the many ideas introduced throughout Army of the Dead which go absolutely nowhere.

For example, one scene shows a zombie getting shot in the head only to reveal that the zombie was a robot. This is never explained in the movie nor is the idea of robot zombies ever even discussed. Another missed opportunity comes when a character explains that there is a massive horde of dried-up zombies who come back to life whenever it rains. That's another awesome and unique spin on zombies, but it never comes back for the rest of the film.

The honest trailer also discusses several other premises in the film that would make for other awesome movies. One character sees a group of dead people who were trying to open the safe and theorizes that it may have been them in an alternate timeline and they are caught in an endless loop of fighting and dying. Bailey exclaims that he would much rather watch that movie.

In addition to missed potential, the honest trailer always has hilarious bits which includes making fun of how Dave Bautista constantly looks like he's trying to hold back a sneeze throughout the film. However, the trailer's funniest gag comes when they address Tig Notaro, who replaced Chris D'Elia shortly after D'Elia faced sexual harasssment allegations. The geniuses at Screen Junkies edited the trailer to make it seem like even Notaro was edited into the honest trailer after they were already done. Bailey even purposely alters his voice to sound like it was added much later.

Army of the Dead had plenty of highlights, but like any movie, it still had problems. Whether you enjoyed the movie or not, you'll still get a kick out of this honest trailer that brings up plenty of issues to laugh about.