The Army Of The Dead prequel is officially titled Army Of Thieves. Zack Snyder, co-writer, director and cinematographer of Army of the Dead, announced the name of the prequel to his zombie-heist film during a Q&A session concerning the recently released trailer for Army Of The Dead.

Army Of Thieves will be centered around the character of Ludwig Dieter, played by actor Matthias Schweighöfer, who will also take over directorial duties from Zack Snyder for the prequel. The film is set to explore the initial days of the Las Vegas zombie outbreak. Matthias Schweighöfer will be joined by Nathalie Emmanuel, Guz Khan, and Stuart Martin as new cast members, while Zack Snyder will be producing with his wife Debroah Snyder.

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Army Of Thieves wrapped filming in December 2020 and is probably in the late stages of post-production. As for the original film, the official trailer for Army Of The Dead is making headlines with the promise of a unique zombie-thriller. The film's astonishing cast seems to make a lasting impression, and the idea of having intelligent and logical zombies causing havoc instead of lifeless dead bodies walking around to rip the alive ones apart is giving some serious vibes of an engrossing experience.

The teaser poster of Army Of The Dead featured a caption saying, "They're not what you think they are". And the first glimpse of Snyder's zombies are giving the same vibes. A new kind of zombie species, being "more intelligent and more organized", as the trailer said, instead of mad runner zombies we have seen in other films associated with the genre. And what better than to add some more thrills on the viewers by including a zombie tiger to do more bloodshed.

Notably, Zack Snyder's directorial debut was also a zombie-thriller, the 2004 Dawn of the Dead, and now, after more than a decade, Snyder is going full circle, this time adding elements of drama, emotions, and some humor, which was visible in the trailer as well.

And it seems Netflix is willing to have Snyder on board with them for long, as the streaming platform will also produce an anime-style animated miniseries focusing on the origins of Dave Bautista's character in Army Of The Dead. The series, titled, Army Of The Dead: Lost Vegas, will see original cast members returning to voice their characters, joined by new voice cast including Joe Manganiello, Vanessa Hudgens, Christian Slater, and Harry Lennix. While the prequel Army Of Thieves will release at an unknown date this year, Army Of The Dead is slated to release on Netflix on May 21.

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