Schwarzenegger For Govenor: It kind of sound like a movie doesn't it? Well, if Arnold does hold true at the polls this fall maybe he'll make a movie out it...something with a lot of laughs.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Arnold got mobbed in my home town of Huntington Beach when he made the rounds to please and promise this weekend:

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger caused a sensation with a campaign stop in "Surf City" Friday, getting mobbed by shrieking girls in bikini tops and teens in flip-flops as he signed autographs, flexed his muscles at a child's request and promised to bring businesses back to California. The Republican actor met with small-business owners and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for about 15 minutes in the patio of a restaurant, then strolled down Main Street in a crush of reporters and fans amid screams of "I'll vote for you Arnold" and "Arnie, Arnie." In a reception most politicians could never hope to see, a crowd waited in the hot sun until he showed up an hour late, and lined the street two or three deep for several blocks to see him. Fans and reporters pushed up to him as he moved down the street and one reporter lost a shoe in the jostling.

On another note, the commerical for "Arnold for Govenor" is now online. It's like this thing should be some kind of prop for Total Recall 2 or something.

Let's see if you can't stop laughing...

CLICK HERE to watch the video!