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In the 80's this would have been big news... "Collateral Damage trailer hits the web - Watch it now!" Well, here at Lights Out we are strong supporters of the Arnold movement and believe that his quest for action and one liner cinema is the holiest of holy. And while Arnold's new film, Collateral Damage, looks no better then the past 5 Arnold movies to hit screens in recent years, it IS Arnold, and things really don't get better then that!

check out Arnie's latest as well as 6 other Hollywood trailers that have hit the web this week! "Click this! Do it now! get to the choppa!"

So you can't wait for your copy of Star Wars Episode 1 on DVD huh? Well, this TV commercial for the 2-disc set should satisfy that insatiable Jar-Jar fantasy until it hits stores. Watch the javascript:void(0|Episode 1 DVD commercial now...

Jay & Silent Bob have yet another trailer on the web right now. This movie is looking better and better. Get down with Kevin Smith and his crew here.

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Oh my god the Goonies!!! As if the release of the Special Edition DVD on August 21st wasn't enough, Ain't It Cool News reported this week that Richard Donner has officially announced that he will be making Goonies 2 with THE ORIGINAL CAST coming back to endure a wild adventure. You HAVE to see the picture of all these guys! It's such a beautiful thing...sniff...sniff...I think I'm gonna cry...

In Lights Out news...

We have finished the script for Episode 2 and will be working on the third very shortly. We still need actors/actresses for the episode! So I you're interested please contact us.

As far as Episode 1 goes, you should be seeing this sucker shortly. I know it's been a long time but trust'll be well worth the wait.

If you've been listening to the 7+ hours worth of movie music on javascript:void(0|Lights Out's internet radio station you probably noticed that we've got a pretty professional sounding station ID when you start up the stream. Well, this is all thanks to a wonderful voice actor named Bill Benners. He has been helping us the past week with SEVERAL different voice acting tasks which will all, in time, come into play here at Lights Out. I want to personally thank Bill for all his help and hope to work together in the future! more on Bill a little later. Check Bill' s greatness out HERE! Thanks Bill...

That's it for now! Watch Planet Of The Apes tomorrow! Tim Burton can't go wrong. If you can't wait, get your fix with some bastard PUGS that won't leave Captain Peter Howl alone!..~Brian

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