Terminator 4: A reader over at Dark Horizons dropped some interesting rumors into the site's lap yesterday with a scoop about the proposed plans for the next Terminator film:

"There have been meetings to talk about a T4 recently. T3 wasn't a smash - but it made enough to get the gang fluttering over it's potential as a new franchise. Not surprisingly, the latest is that it might be without Arnold. He apparently has said that he could do a cameo toward the start or end of the film, but his other commitments would make it near impossible for him to headline it. There's talk of bringing in another big name to headline it, Arnold's apparently suggested Dwayne Johnson. Arnold did a cameo in Dwayne's latest flick - and has put in a good word for the wrestler cum action star. I know they want to get Linda Hamilton back for a bizarre dream sequence. I think she'll come around - if only because Jon Mostow's not directing. I predict it'll happen for Summer 2005 against Bat and Indy over at P'mount. A rock/T4 might just work".