Arnold Schwarzenegger is starting to turn down the volume in his old age. After taking on the more dramatic role of a father dealing with the transformation of his zombie daughter in Maggie, he's ready to take on the slow burn revenge drama 478. Deadline reports that the film is written by Javier Gullón, who penned the dark thriller Enemy starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

478 finds Arnold Schwarzenegger suffering the loss of his wife and child, who die in a horrific plane crash. The accident was caused by an air traffic controller, who is vilified for his mistaken and taken into protective custody. Schwarzenegger is unable to let the incident go, and sets out to exact his revenge. Though, this won't be a typical revenge action thriller. It is described as a subtle character piece that will allow Arnold Schwarzenegger another chance to show off his dramatic chops.

Darren Aronofsky's Protozoa is producing. 478 will shoot in the fall, and may even get a 2016 release date, though that has not been confirmed. No further casting has been announced, and no director is attached at this time.