One of the big stories yesterday was that former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in Jee-woon Kim's thriller Last Stand. Today, it seems that Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually deciding between that project and Summit Entertainment's The Tomb.

We first reported on The Tomb last May, which had director Antoine Fuqua and Bruce Willis in talks to direct and star. Antoine Fuqua is reportedly now set to direct, though it doesn't seem that Bruce Willis will be involved at this point.

The Tomb centers on prison security expert Ray Breslin, who has devoted his life to designing impenetrable prisons. However, when he gets framed and is sent to the prison he helped design, he must find a way to break out and hunt down the man who set him up. Miles Chapman and Jason D. Keller wrote the screenplay for The Tomb.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't met with director Jee-woon Kim yet to discuss Last Stand, although he is interested in both projects. However, since Antoine Fuqua will likely direct Tupac this summer, The Tomb may be pushed to a later start date, which could trigger Arnold Schwarzenegger to choose Last Stand.