Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be back to Gold's Gym anytime soon. The actor and body builder biked to his favorite gym earlier this week, only to turn around and go home because they weren't enforcing face masks. The face mask has become an issue all over North America as businesses start to reopen. There really is no set of official rules that have been handed down, though Governor Newsom in California has made it a requirement for masks to be worn in public places.

For Arnold Schwarzenegger, the mask is a big deal. Schwarzenegger is 72-years old and considered to be high-risk. With that being said, he has been an advocate for social distancing and face masks since this whole thing went down. The actor and his animals have been asking people to stay safe, so it's no wonder that he would leave the gym after seeing that people were not wearing masks. It's actually more surprising to learn that Schwarzenegger still lifts weights at a Gold's Gym at the age of 72.

Gold's Gym understands Arnold Schwarzenegger's stance on masks and released a statement about the matter. They did not announce that masks will be required to be worn when working out, so Schwarzenegger surely won't be heading back any time soon. You can read the statement from Gold's Gym below.

"We love Arnold and completely respect his decision. We know that where to go and what to do as the country reopens is an important personal decision that everyone must make for themselves. For the safety of our members and team members who are comfortable returning to the gym, we've implemented a comprehensive, phased reopening plan with extensive sanitation, safety and physical distancing protocols in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. In accordance with Los Angeles County guidelines, at Gold's Gym Venice members are required to wear face masks when entering and exiting the gym. All team members are required to wear gloves and face masks as part of these protocols, and while we don't require members to wear face masks during their workout, we absolutely strongly encourage it."

Cases have been spiking in places like Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida, and California, so it will be interesting to see where we go from here. One could easily see gyms all around the country close down again if masks aren't enforced. But, on the other hand, who wants to go workout with a mask on? It seems like it would be kind of difficult. As for the gyms, they have to be able to make some kind of money, so that leaves everybody in a weird spot.

For now, Gold's Gym, along with the rest of the gyms that are open, will attempt to keep going any way they can. Sadly, this means that Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be heading to a Gold's Gym for a while now, at least until we get back to normal. At this rate, it's hard to tell if that will ever happen. TMZ was the first to reveal that Arnold Schwarzenegger is skipping the gym for the time being.