After much speculation, Arnold Schwarzenegger's first role after leaving office will be as an animated superhero called, what else, The Governator, in a new series from legendary comic book impresario Stan Lee.

Andy Heyward will produce this series, which was set to debut on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this Friday. The show will pick-up with Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving the governor's office to become a crime fighter. He will run his operations out of a top secret, high-tech crime fighting center dubbed 'The Arnold Cave', which sits underneath his house in Brentwood.

The Governator has an array of high-tech weapons, a garage full of super vehicles, and a closet full of super suits. He also has a thirteen year old sidekick who happens to be a computer whiz. Together, they will fight off the evil forces of the supervillain group "The G.I.R.L.I.E. Men".

It was not said when or where, or on what channel this new cartoon series will air. More info will be revealed this Friday when Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands everywhere. The cover image featuring The Governator is below.

The Governator Photos #1
The Governator Photos #1
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange